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Ethem Bay Mosque
Skenderbeg Square, Tirana Albania
Built in 1789, Tirana's Ethen Bey Mosque is a well-preserved mosque that still serves Albania's mostly Muslim population and is located next to Tirana's symbolic Clock Tower.

Grand Park & City Zoo
South of downtown Tirana, Tirana Albania
Home to the man-made Tirana Lake, a post-bloom Botanical Garden, a Martyr's Cemetary (the resting place of 900 combatants who fought for Tirana during WWII) and a fairly bereft City Zoo. View of Tirana and Mt. Dajti from the Cemetary are striking and the Grand Park is a still a green escape from the sounds of city life.

International Center of Culture
Boulevard Deshmoret e Kombit, Tirana Albania
A symbolic Albanian structure, the International Center of Culture is housed in landmark white marble pyramid in the center of Tirana. Originally the mausoleum for Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha, the "Pyramid" has seen the eviction of Hoxha's corporeal remains and the burgeoning of Albania's interest in the culture and arts.

National History Museum
Skanderbeg Square, Tirana Albania
Tracing Albanian history through the centuries, the National History Museum's timeline halls are dedicated to sequential eras, including the first-known inhabitants, the Illyrians, the Roman Empire, the Ottomans and Communist rule. Historical accounts are presented in English along with visuals and artifacts, including a reproduction of Skenderbeg's famed goat's head helmet and two-man sword.

Skenderbeg Square
Tirana Albania
Tirana's main square and one of Tirana's most frequented points of interest, Skenderbeg Square is steeped in history. Named for Skenderbeg, the Albanian national hero who briefly ousted the Turkish Ottoman Empire in the 15th century and is still, over 500 years later, a beloved ideal of Albanian national identity, Skenderbeg Square, which in its current asphalt layout is the direct result of Communist rule, is home to the Ethem Bey Mosque, the Clock Tower and, fittingly, the towering Skanderbeg Statue.

Tirana University
Rectorate, University of Albania Square, Tirana Albania
After moving the engineering students to a seperate Polytech University in 1991, Tirana University has specialized in economics, natural sciences, medicine and the humanities. Founded in 1957 under Communist rule, the Tirana University buildings have a spartan architecutural feel.

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